Individuals can now have their criminal records expunged in many situations. This will be of enormous help in getting credit and applying for employment, among other difficulties a criminal record can present. This is done through a court procedure that we can handle quickly and efficiently for you.

Included in our services, once you decide to hire us, will be a search of the Indiana State Police records and county records to make sure there are no surprises waiting for you. If you bring your conviction records with (and sometimes even if you don’t) we often can have your petition ready to file on your first visit and expungement of your record likely will take place a little over thirty days from filing.

Persons with a misdemeanor or class D felony that has been reduced to a misdemeanor can have their records expunged 5 years after date of conviction.

Persons convicted of a class D felony that was not reduced can have their records expunged 8 years after conviction. However, generally speaking, this will not apply to violent or sex crimes. The same is true of Class C felonies, but those can only be expunged 8 years after completion of your sentence.

Even police records can be sealed for matters that did not result in conviction.

The benefits from expungement are wide-ranging and afterward the law provides that those records cannot be held against you for employment, licensing or any other privilege. Of course, Indiana can only enact laws effective within the state and federal rules may apply separately.

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